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Seawanhaka is on the move again. Go straight to the current posting!

Welcome to the official website of the Schooner Seawanhaka!

Seawanhaka is on her way around the world, after leaving from the Northwestern United States in Spring 2003.  Thanks for visiting our website and please check back often for updates.

Where in the World is Seawanhaka - find the ship's current position and see a map of where she's been.

Ship's Log - read postings from the crew members, get updates on what's happening on board.

Itinerary - see where Seawanhaka is going, learn about the places she will visit.

About the Ship - Seawanhaka is a 58-foot wooden staysail schooner built in 1925 at the Bath Iron Works in Maine.  Find out more about her history and see photos of the boat.

Meet the Skipper - meet Bill Hanlon, Seawanhaka's trusty owner and captain.

Crew Page -Get to know the crew, with photos.

Photo Album - check out pictures of Seawanhaka and the places she's sailed.

Marine Services - SEAWANHAKA Marine Services offers a full range of commercial marine services.

Contact Us - send an email to SEAWANHAKA.

This website was last updated on October 12, 2012

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