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Photo Album - Coral Sea '07


Click to see Coral Sea '07 Postings

(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

SEAWANHAKA in Cairns ready for the cruising season.

Canadians Trevor & Jessica join Capt'n Bill for an aussie bbq.

Sailing through the reef at Green Island.

Daniel sends a welcome home to Spain.

Sunset over the continent from the Great Barrier Reef .

Beautiful Russell Island anchorage.

Dunk Island hike.

Dunk Island butterfly.

Daniel gets in a reef dive.

Blue spotted stingray.

Toronto Norm along for a day sail...

...with Sydneysiders Elita, Kristen and Jenny.

Benji "paddling his talk"as emissions free traveler.

UK Jitinder and Dutch Jellje aboard for a Magnetic Island sail.

Horseshoe Bay sunset gathering on SEAWANHAKA.

Bill up the mainmast for a rig check before going to sea.

SEAWANHAKA tsunami relief cargo.

Alabama Dan with his first fish, a nice Queensland School Mackerel.

Checked out of Australia!.

Last Australian sunset.

Lots of fishing action.

Yellowfin (ahi) sashimi for dinner!

Marion Reef.

Tide's out at Marion Reef.

Marion Reef lagoon....

...great snorkeling at the wreck....

...colorful coral, clear water...

...and a few white tip reef sharks.

A lone anchorage at Marion Reef.

Marion Reef brown boobie.

Dark skies....

...and a wet ride.

Entering Gizo Harbor.

Active Gizo Market on the waterfront.

Kolombagara volcano across the strait.

Cleared into the Solomon Islands!

Gizo Harbor from up the town hill.

Bill and Michelle all smiles after a dive at "Joe's Wall".

Bridge at Liapari lagoon.

Vella Lavella canoe kids paddled out to trade.

Peaceful Konggulavata Bay.

Great anchorage at Kololuka Island and TOA MARU dive site.

Johan's first "big" fish.

Simbo Island villagers - their former village site along the beach.

Simbo Island boy.

Edna's "navy" - Simbo Island.

Simbo Island volcano vent along the beach.

Simbo Island volcano crew.

Simbo Island sailing canoe.

Simbo Island paddle after the tsunami.

SEAWANHAKA providing tsunami aid in Simbo Harbor.

Quake/tsunami damage is everwhere in the Western Province.

Disaster inspires innovation - a styrofoam boat.

Dan storing Simbo Island produce.

Jonathan Rakena sporting his new shirt.

New clothes for Simbo Island kids.

Passage through Diamond Narrows...

...leads us into Vonavona Lagoon and beautiful Lola Island.

Girls do a traditional Melanesian cake dance... help Dan celebrate his birthday.

Vonavona lagoon village.

Villages were full of curious kids.

Many of the kids seeing their image for the first time.

We visit and pay our respects to Chief Eddie.

Chief Eddie is the proprietor of Skull Island.

SEAWANHAKA's new Garoka basket with artist.

This elderly fellow can read for the first time in years with his new glasses.

All that's left of the village.

Lots of kids and traders at Wilson Harbor. We were the first boat in 2 years

Lots of produce and carvers, in wood and stone.

Lagoon anchorage at Vaghena Island.

Solomon sailing canoes are very basic.

Solomon canoes with no outriggers.

Bill and Dan, repair work on the village generator.

We donate a new soccer ball at Mase village.

100 kids in a soccer game.

Mase village kids.

Anchoring in paradise at Onolou Island.

...and Ketuketusoa Island.

Excellent snorkeling off of the boat at these island anchorages, no mangroves or crocs!

Waldy's Ranongga Island homesite.

Lovely Oema Atoll....

...last Solomon anchorage.

Departing Solomon Islands entering Papua New Guinea waters - SE coast of Bougainville Island.

A PNG welcome by a lively pod of dolphin.

Weclome to the school at Numa Numa, Bougainville Island.

Numa Numa school classroom.

Numa Numa coconut, from the largest coconut plantation in the southern hemisphere.

Capt Bill enjoying a local drink.

Crew happy to be in PNG.

Lots of PNG kids welcome us everywhere we go.

Mapuia village house.

Mapuia village kids.

Mapuia village put on a traditional welcome ceremony for us.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Mapuia village welcome ceremony.

Capt Bill presents Mapuia village chief with a new soccer ball for the kids.

Lovely Mapuia village.

Curious kids... .

...checking out SEAWANHAKA.

Capt Bill takes a local canoe ride.

SEAWANHAKA busy with kids and canoes.

Canoe send-off.

New crew from Tufi Harbor - Exxy, Paul and Lisa.

Kids at Asarabara village.

Cape Nelson - "PNG fiordland".

Welcome to Mapamoiwa on Ferguson Island, D'Entrecasteaux Group.

Awaiama Bay anchorage, New Guinea Island.

Awaiama Bay crater.

Anchored in busy Alotau Harbor.

Waga Waga anchorage, Milne Bay.

Waga Waga bush.

Waga Waga canoes.

Waga Waga waterfall hike.

Bill cools off at Waga Waga waterfall.

Bush village, Waga Waga.











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