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Photo Album - San Francisco

(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

Coming down the coast of northern California was a beautiful sail until the top of Seawanhaka's foremast cracked in 45 knot winds off Cape Mendocino. She motored the rest of the way to San Francisco and spent the winter of 2003-04 in Richardson Bay, Sausalito getting ready for the big trip across the Pacific. In addition to getting both masts hauled out and refurbished, Seawanhaka got a brand new refrigeration system, a new onboard computer, internet access through a ham radio and several other upgrades.

Seawanhaka's home for the winter, Sausalito.

View of the Golden Gate bridge on a bike ride from Sausalito.

Working on the main mast at the South Beach Riggers Shop in Sausalito. The main mast is 67 feet tall!

Looking over the city and all of the boats in the San Francisco Bay. This shot was taken from the top of Angel Island, only a short dingy ride away from where the boat was anchored.

Riding on the famous San Francisco cable cars

A view from the front of the cable car down to the waterfront.

Elizabeth with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Sunset over the city from the Coit Tower.

Sea lions along the waterfront piers.

Seawanhaka departing San Francisco Bay.

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