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Photo Album - Fiji To New Zealand

What should have been an 8-10 day 1000-mile trip turned into a challenging 18 day 1800-mile trip. The first day out of Fiji was a near record 184 miles. At that point we were thinking maybe only 6 days. The next day the wind turned on the nose and basically stayed right there for the next 17 days. We hove-to in 25 knots waiting for a wind shift. It didn't happen. Then we sailed west looking for a wind shift. We didn't find it. Then we tacked to the east with the same result. It turned out to be a very zigzag course to Fiji! We had a great crew, had some very good sailing, and for the first time in a long time saw the bottom of the pantry! Made for some very innovative meals.

We arrived in Opua, New Zealand on December 9. Chris had a flight out of Auckland that afternoon. NZ customs was very accommodating and checked us through very promptly. Quick burgers and beers, and Chris and Miles were off to the Kerikeri airport for a short hop to Auckland.


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Chris doing what he does
best, on the fish!

Bill and Chris plotting a
course to New Zealand.

Chris hoisting the mainstaysail,
our "power sail".

The Navy checks us out..

Enjoying Sailing!

Super tanker across our bow.

Smooth Sailing.

We're out of the tropics now.

Chris plotting.

Miles on the bowsprit.

Capt'n Bill finds land
after 18 days..

New Zealand & Quarantine Flags flying.

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