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Photo Album - Papua New Guinea


Click to see Papua New Guinea Postings

  Photographer Monia Tartarini's "IMAGES OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA"

Monia's photos on this page are indicated by (MT)

(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

PNG landfall - West Brumer Island

Historic colonial capital of Samarai

Felix cleared us in to PNG (MT)

Dinner at Samarai Guesthouse with the crew of EMILY JEAN

Beautiful tropical island anchorages were everywhere in PNG (MT)

Traditional sailing canoes on
Ilo Ilo Bay

Classroom visit in the village of Ilo Ilo (MT)

Deirina Island

Our first great PNG sunset

Beautiful anchorage at Gona Bara Bara Island

Monia learns the art of paddling a traditional outrigger canoe

Bill hiking the beach with the Gona Bara Bara boys

Villagers were incredibly friendly everywhere, especially the kids

Traditional sailing canoes are the primary form of transport amongst the islands

National Geographic ENDEAVOUR shares the bay and invites us to dinner!

Kids paddled out with island produce to trade

Local kids enjoyed our school books, and loved my electric pencil sharpener!

Monia finds a curious subject

Salewai Bay.

Salewai village on Basilaki Island.

PNG fishing was very good, lots of sashime (MT)

We found great anchorages everywhere we sailed

Island produce, papaya, coconut and bananas for breakfast on the deck

Capt'n Bill navigating through the coral from the ratlines (MT)

Haszard/Hummock Island anchorage in the Engineer Group

Hummock Island...

...miles of white sand beaches...

...beautiful little village...

...friendly and hospitable villagers...

...and lots of kids (MT)

2 "dim dims" on the beach, the name they use for anyone who is fair skinned (MT)

Launching a sailing canoe through the reef

No crowded anchorages here! (MT)

Monia's photo sessions with the kids were always a hit

Beach time... (MT)

...tropical paradise...

Alex captures clownfish

Arches Bay, East Island, Bonvouloir Group

A seldom seen clown triggerfish

Misima Island, heart of the Louisiade Archipelago

Siagara Bay, Misima Island

Girls day on SEAWANHAKA, hair and nails for the village girls

Transport everywhere was by canoe

"16th of September" - Independence Day celebration at Siagara school

Misima Island cycle, Siagara to Liag (MT)

Olen and family pose for the "first" photo with the baby

Boys from Bwagoia all want to be sailors...

...& spend lots of time on the water

Fishing the reef off Bwagoia

Enauta village for the "Skull cave" hike

Local guides lead us to the cave

View from the cave.

Hundreds of skulls...

...still a mystery to anthropologists

Great swimming in the Duchateau Group... (MT)

...and pleasant time ashore (MT)

Florence puts on a fish fry on an isolated beach (MT)

Punawan Island, Bramble Haven, great swimming, diving and beachcombing (MT)

We hired a sailing canoe in the DeBoyne Group, famous for their traditional craft

Capt'n David with a steady hand on the helm

A canoe under construction

Panaete Island village

Obbah Bay on Sideia Island

Obbah Bay family enjoys an afternoon on SEAWANHAKA

Sunset over New Guinea Island, from Obbah Bay

Diving and snorkeling the WWII wreck at Waga Waga Bay

Lion fish

Turtle on the wreck at Waga Waga...

...was very curious

Beautiful Kana Kopi Cove, Milne Bay

Triton trumpet...

...our new signal horn on SEAWANHAKA

Departing PNG from beautiful Doini Island

Bougainville Reef, 100 miles off the coast in the Coral Sea, first contact with Australia

Hosting the Quarantine flag on arrival in Australia

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