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Photo Album - Samoa

Samoa is truly a breath of fresh air. The country of Samoa is made up of two large islands (Upolu and Savaii) and several smaller islands in the channel between the big islands. SEAWANHAKA is anchored in Apia Harbor on the island of Upolu. Apia, the "City of Rainbows", is a very fun, clean and beautiful city with lots of restaurants and bars. From our anchorage, we can see most of the pictureque south pacific city which wraps around the harbor. Samoa has been a delightful place to spend a couple of weeks. In addition to Apia, the island of Upolu has beautiful beaches, dramatic waterfalls, jungle-covered mountains and clear blue bays with coral reefs. Savaii, the "Big Island" of Samoa, just a short ferry ride west, is even more charming and rural. For a special page about our 8-day bike trip around Savaii click here.

Samoa has been less affected by the colonial powers than many other nations in the South Pacific. Not only was it the first nation to gain its independence (in 1962) but it's previous colonial power, New Zealand, was only a protectorate with a comparatively hands-off approach. Before World War I, Samoa was a German colony, following a "battle" in Apia harbor between the Germans, Americans and British. Before the battle could commence, a hurricane hit the harbor and either grounded or sunk most of the battleships. A few years later, the three countries divided up the islands - Britain got Tonga while the US and Germans split the Samoan islands in half, creating Western Samoa and American Samoa.

Today, Samoa retains much of its cultural heritage as well as its natural beauty. One of its most famous residents was Robert Louis Stevenson, who built a large estate named Vailima in the mountains outside of Apia. Stevenson (author of Treasure Island, Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, and many others) was adored by the Samoans as a storyteller. The crew of Seawanhaka spent almost a month on Upolu and the nearby island of Savai'i before sailing down to Tonga.

Check out Samoan Islands or Lonely Planet for more info on Samoa.


Read Postings from Samoa

(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

Sailing out of Pango Pango.

Seawanhaka's new home in Apia Harbor.

We celebrated Mike's birthday on our first night in Apia with some of our friends from Nai'a.

Every morning at 7:45 AM the Samoan Police Band marches down the street next to the harbor to raise the national flag.

Author Robert Louis Stevenson made the hills above Apia his home. He is buried here along with his wife Fanny.

We hiked up to Stevenson's gravesite and were rewarded with views of the island and the harbor.

Dinner at the Apia Yacht Club with our buddy Ken, captain of the Ken-B.

Samoans have these amazing fiafia, or fire knife dancers, who perform acrobatic shows with flaming torches.

Mike's trip to the cave can swim through an underwater passage to another pool.

Waterfall on the island of Upolu.

The sun sets over Seawanhaka as we enjoy a beer (and a Green Moana) at Paddles, our favorite local gathering spot.

Mike sliding down Papase'ea Sliding Rock.

Dinner on Seawanhaka with new friends we met in Savai'i - Derek, Ilse and Elin.

Our good buddy Ken-B and his first mate Jo pull up the anchor to sail off to Savai'i.

A view of the Apia waterfront and the police band from the balcony at Sails, a great breakfast spot.

Sliding Rock Movie

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