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Photo Album - Fiji '04

Bula (welcome, or literally "life") from the beautiful Fiji Islands! Made up of over 300 islands spread out over about 800,000 square miles, Fiji is a delightful tropical paradise. The country has an interesting cultural history - about half of the population are native Fijians, another 45 percent are Indo-Fijians (of Indian descent) and the remainder are Asian or Caucasian. About four generations ago, Indians were imported to work on the British sugar plantations in Fiji. Many Indians stayed in Fiji and today there is a huge Indian influence, which is great news if you like authentic Indian curry dishes. While sugar is still an important part of the Fijian economy, the biggest industry these days is tourism. Fiji Islands are a great place to travel around and there are more backpackers here than anywhere else in the South Pacific. Seawanhaka spent a good bit of time in Fiji Islands to make a few repairs (see haul out page), reprovision, and change crews.


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(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

Suva, the capital of Fiji, is a bustling metropolis of modern conveniences.

Chinese fishing boats fill the harbor and the docks in Suva.

A view across Suva Harbor of Viti Levu (the largest of the Fijian Islands).

The busy bus station in downtown Suva.

We spent a rainy day hiking around the Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, a beautiful rainforest only a few miles from the city. (Incidentally, this is where they filmed parts of the movie "Anaconda 2" which is currently running in the theaters here.

Near the rain forest is the Raintree Lodge, a very cool "eco-lodge" set up in the hills.

Elizabeth spent a day volunteering with Fiji Habitat for Humanity, doing interior trimwork on this cute little house.

A sunny day in Suva, looking toward the harbor from our temporary "home".

Elizabeth at the Royal Suva Yacht Club.

The lagoon at Pacific Harbor, a planned community about an hour from Suva.

Elizabeth at the helm on a test sail through Suva Harbor.

Bill in Thurston Gardens, the Botanical Garden and home of Fiji Museum in Suva.

Traditional Fijian carvings in the Fiji Museum.

These carvings are often placed in front of the entrance to Fijian homes.

The rudder from the H.M.S.Bounty, brought up from Pitcairn's Island in the 1930s.

Captain Bill with the Bounty's rudder in the Fiji Museum.

Bill readies his gear for a dive in Beqa Lagoon.

Elizabeth with Levi the scuba instructor after diving.

Seawanhaka anchored in Tradewinds Harbor in the Bay of Islands.

Bill relaxes in the Tradewinds with Seawanhaka in the background.

Yanuca Anchorage in Beqa Lagoon.

A short hike over the island to the charming village.

Great swimming, snorkeling and beachcombing.

Chris, Bill and Miles in the Fiji "Bula" spirit.

Miles and Bill dive MololoLailai.

Musket Cove Anchorage.

Susanna relaxes after scuba class.

Musket Cove BBQ.

Malolo Lailai sunset.

Newest PADI Diver!.

Dinner out with the Austins before the departure.

Miles guides us out the pass. New Zealand bound!.

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