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Photo Album - Tonga

(For a map of Tonga, click here).

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Sailing into Vava'u was quite an experience...there are more sailboats cruising around here than we have seen since we left California. The scenery looks a lot like the San Juan Islands in Washington State. Vava'u is a group of about 50 islands, the largest one is called Vava'u Island where the main city of Neiafu sits. This area is called a "cruiser's Mecca". Hundreds of sailboats pass through here and other tourists fly in to charter boats and sail through the beautiful islands. The coastlines vary from white sandy beaches to picturesque cliffs that plunge into the sea. Neiafu's well-protected harbor is full of sailboats and lined with fun bars, restaurants and cafes. We spent a bit of time in Neiafu, enjoying the parties and mingling with the other yachties, then escaped to the outer islands for a week.

Sunrises over Vava'u Islands.

Mike stands on the ratlines, looking out for coral heads and other dangers.

Neiafu is a very busy harbor, full of cruisers and charter boats.

Neiafu Harbor from the top of Mt. Talau.

A typical Tongan house on the island of Vava'u.

A view of downtown Neiafu, the second largest city in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Bill mingles with the local kids on a bike ride around Vava'u Island.

A view of Ovalau Island from Seawanhaka.

Entrance to Swallow's Cave...Mike and Elizabeth snorkeled in to explore while Bill stood off on the boat.

Vava'u is full of little islands, mostly uninhabited.

An albatross circles Seawanhaka as we anchor.

Beautiful shades of blue in the waters near Maninita Island.

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