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Photo Album - New Zealand to Fiji

SEAWANHAKA had a great trip north to the Fiji Islands. With a good crew and fair winds we made the 1405 mile trip in 10 days of sailing. Everything from 35 knots to spinnaker sailing on a calm sea, but no big weather. Truly the highlight of the trip was the 4-day stopover at Raoul Island in the historic Kermadec Group. Raoul can be a very tenuous anchorage in the prevailing east and southeast winds, but because the wind had veered to the south, the north shore anchorage and landing were accessible to us. The 7 New Zealand Department of Conservation workers who spend a year on the island were delighted to share their island with us, and we were able to share a sail and dive with them, not to mention a few beers.

As we sailed north from Raoul Island, the northeast winds thwarted our efforts to anchor at the Minerva Reefs, but as we worked out way through the latitudes to the north, the air and water warmed, welcoming SEAWANHAKA back to the tropics.


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(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

A happy crew departing New Zealand.

A brisk sail out of the Bay of Islands.

Spinnaker sailing north to the tropics.

Container ship traffic.

Fresh fish for dinner!

Captain up the foremast for rig repair.

Raoul Island landfall, Kermadec Islands.

Raoul Island approach.

North shore Raoul Island.

Department of Conservation headquarters.

Raoul Island transport.

SEAWANHAKA'S meteorologist checking out the shore facilities.

Raoul Island.

Launch of weather balloon.

Balloon and weather pack.

Raoul Island coastline.

Blue Lake.

"Bubbling Bay" Green Lake.

Raoul Island hike.

More coastline.

Raoul/Kermadec Islands passport stamps.

North shore surf.

Raoul Island anchorage.

Raoul Island summit.

Marjolein and guide Steve.

North coast anchorage.

Raoul Island landing.

Raoul cable system.

Raoul Island dive site.

Meyer Island dive site, Raoul.

Bill logs a Raoul Island dive!

Raoul marine life.

Great visibility and color.

Rare Raoul Island black spotted grouper.

Sunset departure from Raoul Island.

Sailing by Matuku Island, Fiji.

"Back home" to the Royal Suva Yacht Club and Fiji Bitters!

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