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Photo Album - Crossing the Pacific Ocean


Read Postings from the Pacific Crossing

(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

The longest continuous ocean crossing in Seawanhaka's circumnavigation is the journey from California across the Pacific Ocean to the tiny island of Tabuaeran, a few degrees north of the equator. This ocean passage took Seawanhaka just over 3 weeks, crossing a distance of over 3000 miles.

As we sailed out of San Diego, we passed Point Loma and several other sailboats. We're pretty sure we were the only boat heading to Fanning Island that Saturday.

On most days, we gather in the cockpit at sunset for a sunset beer and a snack.

The color of the ocean was constantly changing. In this photo (taken around sunrise) the water was a beautiful orangey blue.

A view looking up at the sails...from top to bottom you can see the mainsail, fisherman, main staysail and jib.

On some mornings we would find flying fish on the deck. We used this poor little guy for bait.

The bait worked like a charm. Within an hour we had our first fish of the trip - a tasty albacore tuna.

Darren tries to install the CD player.

Captain Bill checks out his rigging.

The sunrises on the Pacific were amazing.....

The sunsets were also so beautiful...

A view of Seawanhaka underway.

This squid hopped up on deck one morning. We are still trying to explain the small blue alien.

I'm not sure why these cabbages have a shimmery glow to them but maybe that explains how they lasted nearly 3 weeks...longer than any other fresh food on board.

Mike at the wheel.

We saw lots of rainbows along the way...rain squalls would pass by pretty often.

Elizabeth steering Seawanhaka.

Morning on the Pacific.

Mike was "attacked" by a group of squids when he was standing up on the bow of the boat one evening. Things like that just seem to happen to Mike.

Throughout our journey dolphins and whales came to swim alongside Seawanhaka and play in her wake.

Looks like an especially tough nightwatch for Darren.

A hundred miles northeast of Fanning Island, the winds died and the seas calmed.

Since we weren't moving anyway, we went swimming in the 18,000 feet deep Pacific.

A rainbow in the sky after a squall passed us by.

At first light one morning, we saw small black shapes on the ho!

Darren provided Seawanhaka with the flag for the nation of Kiribati - not only was it fun to fly the local flag while we were in port but it pleasantly surprised the customs officials once we reached Fanning Island.

Darren learning to use the sextant on the 12-day passage from Fanning Island to Pago Pago.

Another gorgeous sunrise out on the Pacific.

Crossing the equator party.

Captain Bill catches his elusive wahoo. Wahoo!

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