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Photo Album - San Diego


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(Click on a photo to see a larger view)

San Diego is a beautiful place to spend's pleasantly warm and sunny almost every day. It's also a good place to have a sailboat because there are lots of places to sail around. Seawanhaka stayed in San Diego about a month before taking off for the South Pacific.

Sailing up San Diego Bay toward the city.

Another shot of sailing up the bay, with Bill at the helm.

Seawanhaka won the America's Schooner Cup race so her name will soon be added to the cup shown here.

Captain Bill poses in front of his cup. The cup stays in the Kona Kai Yacht Club but Seawanhaka has a plaque to commemorate her win.

Close up view of the America's Schooner Cup.

Seawanhaka sailing in the America's Schooner Cup race.

Elizabeth picking lemons for the trip (no scurvy on Seawanhaka!).

Seawanhaka spent a weekend anchored out in Glorietta Bay near Coronado.

We had a fantastic dinner at the famous Hotel Del Coronado for Elizabeth's birthday dinner and then spent the next day playing on the beach.

Elizabeth on the bow of Seawanhaka while sailing down the bay.

La Jolla Cove, just down the beach from where my scuba class dove, is a very beautiful spot.

Close up shot of a bird sitting on the rocks at La Jolla Cove.

Sea lions in the cove.

More sea lions.

We are still anchored out in San Diego Bay...this is our view of downtown from the boat.

The veterans' cemetery at Point Loma, overlooking the ocean.

Bill and Elizabeth in front of the Maritime Museum (the ship behind us is the HMS Surprise, used in the movie "Master and Commander").

Before leaving our anchorage, Captain Bill donned his scuba gear and dove down to check out Seawanhaka below the water line.

Bill checking out Seawanhaka's hull (and checking the quality of his crew's hull-scrubbing job.

Darren carefully packed and repacked the v-berth so that all of the gear could fit into the boat.

After giving Seawanhaka a good scrub-down, the crew starts to remove the sail covers in preparation for the voyage.

Last minute details to prepare Seawanhaka for sailing.

Crew photo, taken just before leaving the dock at the Kona Kai Yacht Club. (From left to right) Mike, Darren, Elizabeth and Bill.

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